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Savage Life lws is a trendsetting Online Clothing Store, offering our first- rate products and exceptional customer service to shoppers from the comfort of their homes. We're a business made up of innovators and forward-thinkers, with the drive and wherewithal to constantly update and improve the online shopping experience.


You've just found the most popular online Clothing Store! At Savage Life LWS, super service and top quality merchandise is what we're all about. We work our hearts out making sure to stock all the latest and greatest items at affordable prices. Get your shop on and let us know if there's any special requests we can help you with.

                              SAVAGE LIFE

Savage Life describes who I am and everything that I have seen, heard, been through, and came out of. When Savage takes the form of a noun it describes a "Brutal Person". It has been over used to mean several different things but the  slang term means Awesome but Brutal. It describes someone who is fierce, dominant, a leader, who has did something that would have took a lot of courage to do, therefore deemed Awesome. Someone who stands out from the crowd. The irony behind the brand is that because of the negative association of the word we not only misrepresent ourselves and our pasts but limit our possible futures as well. The logo represents being protective, brave, and willing to fight; all characteristics of a leader. The brand means to look inside yourself because you are more that what you have become!

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